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Conference Education Topics

Lessons for Success

World-renowned healthcare and innovation thought leaders shepard our education sessions and you have a chance to explore top-of-mind issues and challenges with them as your guides. Sessions are selected through a highly competitive peer review process. Best of all, they are available for continuing education credits! Get ready to learn, earn and give your professional development a boost.

Guiding health leaders toward financial sustainability and operational excellence.


Clinically Integrated Supply Chain

Financial Management (Including Payers)

Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Start-ups

Product, Program, and Portfolio Management

Equipping caregivers with tools to keep patients and populations healthy.


Alternative Care Delivery Models

Behavioral Health

Home-based Care

Long Term Post Acute Care (LTPAC)

Patient Experience

Patient Safety and Quality Management

Personalized Medicine

Public Health and Population Health

Virtual Care: Telehealth, Remote Monitoring

Securing and streamlining health information to improve care delivery.

Data & Information

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Clinical Informatics

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Security

Data Science

Health Information Exchange

Interoperability and Standards

Technology that ensures everyone has a fair and equitable opportunity to attain their highest level of health.

Health Equity

Access to Care

Digital Literacy

Health Disparities and Inequities

Low- and Mid-Income Country (LMIC) Barriers to Care Delivery

Social Determinants of Health

Empowering health leaders to inspire change and lead strategically.

Organizational Governance

Data Governance



Organizational Management


Addressing a set of interrelated or interacting activities which transform inputs into outputs.

Process Analysis and Redesign

Change Management and Process Improvement

Robotic / Business Process Automation (RPA/BPA)

User Experience, Usability, and User-Centered Design

Addressing the core issues of digital health with advocacy and public policy.

Public Policy

Global Health Policy

Healthcare Reform

Legislation and Regulation

Examining digital solutions that improve care delivery and health management.


Core / Foundational Systems

Digital Health Technologies

Digital Health Transformation

Digital Maturity

Emerging Technologies

Enterprise Imaging

Preparing people and organizations to tackle what’s next in health and wellness.


Professional Development

Staffing, Retention, and Employee Wellness

Workforce of the Future

HIMSS is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of the health ecosystem through information and technology.