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Monday, March 3

Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum

Mitigating Cyber Threat Risks Across the Healthcare Enterprise: Strategies that Protect

As healthcare continues to evolve with rapid digital advancements, cybersecurity has become a critical frontier. In an age of widespread data breaches and cyber threats, with sensitive patient data at stake, the necessity for strong cybersecurity safeguards has never been greater.   

In an era of rapid digital transformation, cybersecurity stands as a pivotal challenge for healthcare organizations. With the surge in cyber threats and the critical need to protect sensitive patient data, robust cybersecurity measures are more essential than ever. 

Join us at the HIMSS25 Healthcare Cybersecurity Forum, where thought leaders will highlight critical areas for organizations to prioritize to better prepare their organizations against the next breach. This event offers a comprehensive showcase of real-world examples and insights from recent high-profile cyberattacks to equip you with the tools and strategies needed to build a robust cybersecurity posture. 

Potential Topics

  • “When, Not If” Mindset: Preparing for inevitable cyberattacks. 
  • Ransomware Trends: Bolstering resilience against attacks. 
  • Securing Medical Devices: Strategies for protection and data security. 
  • Case Studies: Insights from recent high-profile cyberattacks. 
  • Using AI to combat cyber threats and enhance response. 
  • Incident Preparedness and Response: Steps for management and safe recovery. 
  • Compliance: Key partnerships for regulatory adherence. 
  • Training: Importance of upskilling cybersecurity teams
Note: Additional fees and registration apply.

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