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Monday, March 3

AI in Healthcare Forum

The Leader’s Guide to Winning with AI: People, Process, and Technology

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize healthcare, understanding its practical applications and strategic implementation is paramount. Despite the buzz around AI’s potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment, administration, and patient care, many organizations are still unprepared to fully realize its value, with few achieving measurable, enterprise-wide success.

This forum delves into the critical success factors for AI in healthcare, highlighting the importance of prioritizing people, processes, and strategy before technology. By focusing on these foundational elements, you can lay a solid groundwork for successful AI initiatives. Attendees will learn how to define a responsible AI strategy that aligns with organizational goals and stakeholder needs, identify the appropriate technology to support these objectives and understand the significance of robust infrastructure and data governance.

Potential Topics
  • The current landscape of AI adoption in healthcare: How organizations are experimenting with AI in diagnostics, treatment, administration, and patient care, and the challenges they face in scaling these initiatives.
  • Barriers to scaling AI technologies in healthcare: Technical, regulatory, and operational challenges.
  • Critical success factors for transitioning from experimental AI applications to full-scale integration: Aligning people, processes, and strategy before technology.
  • Strategies for developing a responsible AI framework: Aligning with organizational goals while addressing ethical considerations and stakeholder concerns.
  • Infrastructure and technology enhancements for scalable AI initiatives: Data governance, interoperability, and robust IT systems.
  • Case studies and expert insights: Transitioning from pilot phases to enterprise-wide AI deployment, overcoming common pitfalls, and ensuring safety and efficacy in AI applications. 
Note: Additional fees and registration apply.

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