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Monday, March 3

Physician’s Executive Forum

The New Business of Healthcare: Redefining the Physician’s Role in a Modern Landscape

Navigating the ever-evolving healthcare landscape presents numerous challenges for physician executives, from financial pressures and workforce shortages to regulatory compliance and technological integration. The Physician’s Executive Forum at HIMSS’25 is designed to address these critical issues head-on. 

Join us to explore innovative solutions for improving patient care, upholding data privacy, and cultivating leadership and innovation. Our discussions will center on strategies to restore clinician well-being and advance patient care through the integration of technology, change management, and process innovations. The forum provides a unique platform to collaborate with peers and industry experts, gaining crucial insights and strategies to excel in today’s complex healthcare landscape.

Learning Objectives
  • Analyze strategies for navigating declining reimbursements from insurance companies and government payers to ensure financial sustainability.
  • Develop cost management techniques to address the rising costs in healthcare delivery, including personnel, technology, and infrastructure expenses.
  • Implement interventions to reduce physician burnout and address the high levels of stress among healthcare staff.
  • Formulate strategies to cope with staffing shortages in healthcare and evaluate their impact on patient care.
  • Explore methods to safeguard patient data privacy amid increasing cybersecurity threats.
  • Integrate technologies like AI, telehealth, and EHRs into healthcare practice effectively.
  • Evaluate the challenges and strategies of achieving interoperability among diverse healthcare systems and providers.
  • Develop metrics to measure and report on patient outcomes and quality of care under value-based systems.
Why Attend?
Physicians should attend the Physician’s Executive Forum at HIMSS25 because it offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain cutting-edge insights and solutions to the most pressing challenges in healthcare today. The “wow” factor lies in the forum’s comprehensive approach to tackling issues such as financial sustainability, clinician well-being, and the effective integration of transformative technologies like AI and telehealth. Attendees will leave with actionable strategies to enhance patient care and lead their organizations through complex changes. Moreover, the event provides a rare platform for networking with top industry experts and fellow physician leaders, fostering collaborations that can drive meaningful improvements in their practice and beyond.
Note: Additional fees and registration apply.

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