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Monday, March 3

Smart Health Transformation Forum

Navigating the Future of Healthcare in a Patient-Centric World

Discover the future of healthcare at the Smart Health Transformation Forum preconference forum. This one-day event is designed for healthcare provider executives who are keen to explore the transformative potential of smart healthcare technologies and changing engagement models, that in today’s digital age, must extend beyond the clinic or hospital. As technology progresses – outdated, impersonal hospital rooms are being transformed into spaces that prioritize care, connectivity, and comfort — aligning with human-centered design principles and catering to today’s activated, engaged consumers. Explore how these improvements allow clinicians more time for direct patient treatment and lead to enhanced health outcomes. 

Learn from pioneers in smart healthcare technology how leveraging advanced technology and robust data analytics can transform your organization from a reactive healthcare model to an anticipatory, proactive, and always-on approach. Engage in lively debates that will push you to completely rethink systems and processes. Discover the necessary tools to create strategies for establishing a smart, digital presence, thereby ensuring consistent patient engagement beyond the traditional healthcare settings. 

Potential Topics
  • Identify specific technological advancements that transition healthcare from a reactive to a proactive care model, with a strong emphasis on early disease detection and prevention. 
  • Discover how smart technology benefits clinicians by streamlining workflows, reducing administrative burdens, enhancing patient care, improving decision-making and patient monitoring through real-time data, and enabling better communication. 
  • Explore the role of interoperable, always-on data in creating seamless and integrated healthcare experiences. 
  • Analyze how data analytics can predict health issues, improving operational efficiency and patient outcomes. 
  • Discuss the influence of consumerism in healthcare, shifting towards personalized and proactive services. 
  • Design patient engagement strategies to establish a comprehensive digital presence, facilitating ongoing patient interaction beyond conventional facilities. 
  • Assess disruptive technologies that address comprehensive health issues, including mental health. 
  • Plan actionable strategies to incorporate anticipatory and integrated care practices into your organization.
Learn how, by embracing these insights and strategies, healthcare leaders can drive their organizations toward a future where healthcare is anticipatory, comprehensive, and deeply integrated into the everyday lives of patients.
Note: Additional fees and registration apply.

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